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Larrabee, Cunninghan & McGowan, P.C. was founded in Philadelphia in 1977 on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and service excellence. Over the years the firm built its core practice in the areas of real estate acquisition and transfer, business law and real estate financing, and corporate relocation. The firm’s relocation department has pioneered best practices for the most efficient and effective services to corporate mobility departments and relocation management companies. The firm is recognized as one of the top providers of professional services to the real estate and relocation industries.

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Russ Cunningham, Esq

John McGowan, Esq

Michelle Prendergast
Relocation Closer
215-546-8600 ext. 104

Alicia Simpson
Relocation Closing Assistant
215-546-8600 ext. 117

Anna Squitieri
Title Manager
215-546-8600 ext. 103

Devon Thilker
Administrative Assistant
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